Spiritual meaning

Spiritually flowers signify love and compassion, both that which we may
receive and that which we give to others.

Psychological meanings

The feminine principle is often represented in dreams by flowers, as is
childhood. The bud represents the potential available, while the opening
flower indicates development. To be given a bouquet – and the colour of the
flowers may be important – means that we are being rewarded for an action,
perhaps a spiritual offering of some sort.
Each individual flower has a particular symbolism in dreams and below are
just a few. These meanings arise from often ancient symbolism.

Flowers Dream meanings

Anemone – forsaken by love. Arum Lily – intensity of love and nowadays
also mourning. Bluebell – humility. Buttercup – childishness, innocent
action. Carnation – fascination. Clover – the Holy Trinity, completion.
Chrysanthemum – cheerfulness and friendship. Daffodil – deceitful in love.
Daisy – wakefulness and awareness. Forget-me-not – memories of true love.
Forsythia – anticipation of good times. Geranium – foolishness.
Honeysuckle – affectionate ties. Iris – courage, faith and hope. Jasmine
charming and loveable. Lime/Linden – married love. Marigold – trouble
and jealousy. Mistletoe – clinging affection. Myrtle – love and marriage.
Narcissus – selfishness and egotism. Peony – shame and distress. Poppy
sleep and sweet oblivion. Primrose – total devotion. Rose – love, and perhaps
a wedding. Snowdrop – consolation. Tulip – the perfect lover. Violet
modesty and faithfulness.

Common meanings

Flowers in a dream usually give us the opportunity to link to feelings of
pleasure and beauty.We are aware that something new, perhaps a feeling or
ability, is beginning to come into being and that there is a freshness about
what we are doing.

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