Don’t have time to read? Listen to key meanings of feather dream.

Based on color, there is a strobe of verity in feather symbolism world, strung a wide range of meaning and connotations, inspired by angels as if; native Americans for instance have always learnt its acquisition and feathers’ spirit world from childhood in their tribes.

There are different meanings in cultures of the different countries, but we consider all of them approximately in a practical way. You might see bird feathers in your dream, however, a feather of yours, which have different message. In the following we consider each of which and its meaning.

What is the Christian and biblical dream meaning of white feather?

White feathers are the reminders that your angel, strung your Spirit from the inside, bringing inspiration for the spiritual growth. White feathers are the emblem for the angels’ sign that your loved one in heaven is well, and that they have successfully crossed into peace and a comfort zone. Even so, there is a connection with your love ones in their after life.

Feathers, in this regard, connote divinity and truth. Hence, the presence of a white feather in dreams means there is a feeling for a way through which you can reach your spiritual aims.

Finding feathers of birds in your dream signifies a blessing and a sign of love, happiness and things like that. A white bird’s feather, in concert with one who is watching the sky earnestly, also shadow a fierce but elevated spirit looking across the universe for an unswerving path of improving and going further.

What is Islamic dream meaning of feathers?

Majesty, being attractive, and a beautiful spirit within your very soul are the meanings of bird feathers. Moreover, white feather is the symbol of a wise lady’s house, you are on your path towards it.

On the other hand, feather could betoken evil in a way. Having wing and feather on your back in a dream means you grasp some of the goals in a near future; wealth and happiness here are the frequent feather sign.

What is the Spiritual meaning of feathers?

Spiritually, feathers are the symbol of captivating voyages. However, some interpretations put the finger on death, or a big love of one, from whom you feel distant. Hence, there is something of a divine gift with which you can freewheel in life freely.

The Icarus, in fact, with its wings, is now able to escape from the kist and step in an elevated path. Another spiritual messages here are betokening a person who want to support you, as well as a child whom you feel convenient in his or her presence.

Angels are talking to us through many ways!

What is the psychological and emotional perspective of feathers?

Having an Icarus spirit, if you saw birds’ feathers are falling, you need to jaunt, because there is something of petulant feelings in your very soul. So, if you had such a dream, you might have known what are the bothering stressors or an annoying person, or you could try to find out its path.

Apart from this, feathers represents the state of completion old tasks. You are about to finish some long-lasting relationships which is a bit long in the tooth to keep you happy, and this makes you feel free.

What is the Common meanings of feathers?

First of all, feathers are the angels’ emblems. As a matter of fact, whenever you see a feather in a dream, or whenever you dream yourself looking up a feather in some place or among a book’s pages, then it connotes what you trying to talk to: you spiritual angel.

Bird feathers color, implicitly, betoken fierce inborn spirit, which ushers you to escape from any form of closed and traditional system of belief, inevitably. People who need a infinite source of freedom inside, see such a dream time to time, and this is the witness of a free soul. So, make the mess your message.

What is the gender-specific meanings of feathers?

For women, feathers in dreams connote both a loved one and a high-profile status in her community or even among her relatives. If a girl or a woman dreams that she is decorating a scene or a table with colored feathers, it indicates a successful future for her life.

Falling feathers in a dream means that you are petulant and edgy, if you are a woman or girl.

For men, feathers are the symbol of the free-spirited and ambitious prospect that has become the pride of her friends and companions in life. The white feathers of a swan in a dream for men is a peculiar sign of purity in heart.

What does it mean to dream of an eagle feather?

Emotionally broken, You try to survive. That is the main connotation of an eagle feathers in a dream. Vulnerability, in other words, is the case here, and this specific dream is an incarnation of your impoverished spirit. To grasp the strength you must open your eyes towards mountains not to the deceased past.

The eagle, to be more explicit, is the emblem of the field’s men and very deep-rooted meaning of a carefree soul in the verge of falling; even so, the eagle feather does indicate death, failures and weakened ones.Nevertheless, there is an interpretation as for hope in this dream, according to some palimpsest, which is inherited from the very old tribes’ heritage.

What does feathers represent spiritually?

Whether an eagle’s wing or any other bird, feathers appear in order to send a message to you. Because there is no such symbol so spiritually empowered as to be like feathers.

Having an emblem of death, it could be a message from a deceased one for whom you yearn so much nowadays; your grandmother or your passed away beloved friend wanted to tell you something of love, reminding or an incomplete doing in his or her waking life; alas.

In yoga tradition, it is worth mentioning that the central idea of crown chakra is the eye of peacock feather.

What does it mean when you see white feathers in your dream?

Finding a white feather in a dream embodies a blessing in existence and a sign of love, happiness and something as an unwanted help with which you are able to be yourself again.

In the world of dream symbolism, white feathers are the emblem of the heart’s purity and clarity of thinking, the neatness of the mind. You ceased to overthink, and likewise, stopped to be the one who always forces herself to be worried and anxious.

What does a white feather mean biblically?

White feathers in dreams connote angels who are supporting you by inspiration from the inside. They are your ushers, begun to help you out with some connection between you and your loved ones in their after lives. Overall, feather meaning, in this regard is commonly positive.

What does a feather symbolize?

The feathers appear in dreams as symbols of something or someone. Even so, there is a wide spectrum of feathers in the orb of feather symbolism with various colors, and every color signifies different meaning; In this regard, we should consider whichever of them based on their colors.

As a symbol across many cultures, bird’s feather tattoo is really popular and means bravery, freedom, and voyage.

Blue feather

Blue feather means you are disappointed about some argument with some of your family members or a relative. This also betokens an acute problem you try to ignore. You are also exhausted by a worn out pattern of experience, and by dint of it, you consider yourself a little long in the tooth to feel uplifted afresh.

AS a positive sign, the blue bird’s feather connotes an integrity as an established promise between you and your beloved. The blue feather also represents an inspiring angel in your surroundings; could be a child, a pet or even a gusto about some new path ahead of your career or things like that.

Pink feather

Pink feather is a sign of a pure love which isn’t contingent. On no account doesn’t your guardian angel take her eyes from your heart; this unconditional love is worth every single move you take. Whenever you come across a pink feather by coincidence, then you shall be more brave in life, because you have a serious mission and your vigilantes are watching you out.

Brown feather

Brown color has some characteristics of reliability and strength. Thus, a well-balanced and self-assured personality is the central meaning of brown feathers, though this person is gliding through life, drifted by his or her passion, could handle any psychological drives prudently.

The brown feathers means that you have faith in your guardian angels.

White feather

As mentioned above, white feather connotes angels, purity of heart, and intelligence of your very soul. If you see a white feather in dreams, it will be an incarnation of your mindset wherein your spiritual power and the core of the spirit help out others.

The connection between loved one and feathers

Dream interpretation came out from different cultures and others’ conceptions, confirming that there is a connection between the dream of feathers and a deceased loved one.

Even, there is a link between you and your beloved by heart, and this is the comfort that makes loneliness tranquil and uplifting and peaceful. All in all, feathers would be a way of communication through outfit in native American tribes.

The feathers of peacock, eagle and crows

The symbolism of birds is always bending in with feathers’. So, in this part we have review of feathers symbolism with a connection in bird symbolism. There are three birds’ feather in our menu to look up.

Persuasiveness is the main connotation of the peacock feather, herein your unconsciousness wanted to warn you. There is someone, trying to seduce you, should be neglected.

The eagle is a sign of power. So, eagle feathers would not be a good sign. Eagle feathers is a symbol of a lost glory and autonomy, and sovereignty.

In native American folklore, crow feather is the sign of wise leaders. In the world of dreams, the light one means a subtle and sensitive soul , and the black feather of the crow means an incredible exhilaration.


Feather meaning is really prophetic. In every situation people saw an angel, a foreseeable happiness is about to come. One of the greatest and most glorious moments in the life of my clients was when I interpreted for him the dream of a big silver feather. He soon started a business worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Angels have many ways for communication with us. Feathers are one of them both in dream and reality. Hence, finding a feather by coincidence, is really meaningful, in that regard. It is absolutely spiritual to a feather in a dream, because it has some messages from your guardian angel.

Regardless of this, there are many others in the realm of symbolism. For instance, feather tattoo is the most popular subject in the menu of this form of art, because feathers are important in many cultures. Peace, hope and angels are the main connotations of feathers.

Below, we summarized all the feather meanings based on color, meaning and things like that in a short menu. It is worth mentioning all rights reserved in terms of intellectual property.

  • The feather with pink color is a sign of a pure and unconditioned passion.
  • The brown feather means a well-balanced and self-assured personality.
  • The blue color in a feather meaning context means you are disappointed about some argument.
  • The white feather connote angels messages, peace, purity of heart, and intelligence of your very soul.
  • Feather of peacock is the sign of a situation that there is someone, trying to seduce you by sweet talks.
  • Eagle feathers is a symbol of a lost glory and autonomy, and sovereignty.
  • The angel feather meaning in a dream connotes you are emotionally broken, and trying to survive.