Spiritual meaning

In spiritual progression there needs to be a balance between our more
spiritual selves – what might be called ideal behaviour – and the physical or
material realm. This balance can be difficult to both attain and maintain.
Such a difficulty can be symbolized by the figure of Justice.

Psychological meanings

Often when we are attempting to balance two different states or ways of
being, Justice – complete with scales – can appear within a dream. This shows
that we need to use both sides of ourselves successfully. To be brought to
justice can signify that we must pay attention to our actions or to our attitude
to authority. It may be that we are offending against some aspect of society.

Common meanings

Very often in a dream we do not seem to be capable of expressing our
right to be heard, to articulate those things we believe are correct. Therefore,
to dream of either justice or injustice can indicate that the unconscious mind
is trying to sort out right from wrong. This is usually on a personal level,
although it can have a wider implication as to what is morally right and the
norm within society.

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