Don’t have time to read? Listen to key meanings of lightning dream.

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge between electrically charged areas of two clouds. The flash and thunder can be frightening for everyone. However, it is a wonderful natural phenomenon that represents raw energy and power. Dreams about lightning can be terrifying and filled with negative emotions. But is its interpretation also scary and negative?

Lightning dream symbols are change, destruction and creation. Because the dream’s appearance is linked to the dreamer’s current emotions and inner being, it can have both negative and positive meanings.

It sometimes warns you of bad things happening to you, and other times it heralds unexpected changes and good news. The details of the dream and the dreamer’s feelings are the determinants of these good or bad interpretations. In this article, we have written all the dreams about lightning and their exact interpretations for you.

Lightning Dream General Interpretations

Because lightning is the powerful energy of nature, it can also be a message from your inner and subconscious points to make changes in life in a dream. This energy may indicate that it is time to leave certain situations and individuals to meet new situations and people.

The lightning dreams signify unexpected inspiration, sudden change,  fresh ideas, and the ability to solve difficulties easily. It can also symbolize liberation from some of life’s accumulated pressures. Dreaming of hearing thunder encourages you to focus more on your priorities so that you don’t waste your time and energy on things that aren’t important to you.

On the other hand, a dream about lightning may warn you that something dangerous will happen to you in the near future. Alternatively, this dream foretells significant conflicts and arguments with your friends and family members. To dream lightning also means that you will experience a shocking turn of events in the coming days.

Biblical Interpretation of The Lightning-Related Dreams

Thunderstorms and natural disasters are frequently mentioned in the Bible, and there are interesting interpretations for lightning dreams based on these references. According to Christianity and the Bible, Lightning is a sign from God to illuminate the earth and generate either pleasant events like rain or negative happenings like earthquakes. It is also said that God’s anger appears in dreams in the form of thunder. Have you done anything wrong in your life that God is angry with you?

Dream Meaning of Lightning In Islam

Ibn Sirin says: In the dreams, lightning is the king’s treasurer, and the people will benefit greatly from it. According to other Islamic interpretations, these dreams represent the king’s treasurer, a bad covenant, love and mercy, and the right path. Their exact interpretation varies depending on different dream scenarios.

Spiritual Meaning of Dream About Lightning

Some dream analysts believe that lightning-related dreams are a symbol of spiritual awakening. Lightning in your dream is a message from your spirit to harmonize your life, make peace with yourself, and explore your religious side. Pay attention to life’s unexpected changes because they’re an indication of spiritual growth.

Common Dreams About Lightning

Lightning occurs in our dreams in various scenarios depending on our current thoughts and emotions about something in waking life. These thoughts and emotions, which may be unpleasant and pleasant, emerge in our dreams in many ways. Here are some common meanings of the dream of lightning:

Lightning Strike Dreams

In general, a lightning strike in a dream is a harbinger of an unexpected event in the near future. in other words, you will encounter an unusual situation that will surprise you. The lightning strike also indicates that something impossible would have happened.

Lightning Striking You

A dream in which you are struck by lightning is a bad sign. If you see lightning struck you in your dream, it suggests you will have a severe quarrel with your friends or family, which will bother them. Or, a person will involve you in their conflicts in life.

Dreaming of lightning striking you, on the other hand, indicates that you will suddenly discover a solution to a long-term challenge.

Lightning Striking Your Partner

Dreaming about that your emotional partner is struck by lightning means that you will have some problems in terms of sexual or thought. In addition, dreaming of lightning striking your partner is a sign of breakup.

The Dream of Being Where Lightning Strikes

This dream is a good sign, especially if you are single. The dream of being in a place where lightning strikes and you do not get hurt is a symbol of love at first sight. That means you will soon fall in love with someone who will change your life.

What Does It Mean If The Lightning Hit Your Home?

If you dreamed of lightning hitting your house, it signifies you will experience a tragedy or emotional shock concerning one of your family members. This tragedy will usually be with you for an extended period.

Lightning Damaging An Object Close To You

This dream is not a good sign and indicates that you will receive unpleasant news from a person. Try to prepare yourself for unpleasant surprises.

Dreaming About The Lightning Illuminating Someone

This dream is also a bad omen and indicates the presence of a person in your life who wants to tarnish your reputation with his/her gossips.

Blue Lightning Dream Meaning

This dream usually has a spiritual meaning and warns you that you need to bring more harmony into your life and devote more time to your religion in order to achieve inner peace.

Red Lightning In A Dream

This dream is a sign of bad luck, short-term happiness, sadness and loneliness. A red flash dream represents some of your current actions that will change your future. This dream wants to tell you about getting rid of some destructive habits to have a brighter future.

Lightning Flash Over Your Head

If you have dreamed that lightning flashed above your head, it signifies lasting happiness and prosperity in your personal and professional life. In addition, this dream foreshadows your future good luck and the potential for significant financial gain.

Dreaming About The Lightning In The Dark Sky

Seeing a lightning flash in a dark sky in a dream is bad luck. This dream means that you will have business endeavors and financial problems in your life. This situation must have afraid you because you can’t find solutions to these problems.

Blinding Flash of Lightning In Your Dream

Dreaming of this scenario represents good luck and unexpected happiness in your life. This dream also means the end of your past issues and inner fear. Sometimes this dream would indicate the unexpected beginning of a love affair.

Dreaming of Lightning And Storm

Seeing a lightning strike and a storm in your dream indicates that you will overcome any fear, stress, or challenges in your life. Furthermore, you may meet a person who will positively change your life through his/her great ideas.  Therefore, you should be aware of your actions and behavior so that you can get rid of the storm of problems and achieve tranquility.

The Dream of Lightning And Fire

Dreaming about a fire caused by lightning foretells short-term challenges in your professional life. So, dreaming of fire and lightning indicates your ability to solve problems quickly.

Psychological Perspective For Lightning In Dreams

According to psychologists, if you have one or more of the following factors, you are more likely to have dreams about lightning coming from the sky:

  • Short-Term Happiness;
  •  Small improvements or strokes of good luck;
  • Unexpected events that will happen and have changed your life significantly;
  • Strong emotions about a person or situation;
  • Dealing with repressed emotions.

Gender-Spesific Perspective

Our ideas, feelings, and living conditions manifest in our dream, which can be either warning or predictive. The warning type warns us about some of our emotional states, which result from past experiences and are now affecting our lives. And the predictive type predicts an unexpected event.

These two types are the same in both women and men. The only difference is the interpretation of the dream based on the dream’s details. Lightning dreaming also has different meanings for men and women in some details.

For example, if a woman dreams of seeing lightning in her bed, it represents her husband’s penis. She may become pregnant after this dream, or she may not leave her husband despite her problems in order to support her child with his help.


Lightning is a magnificent natural event that can sometimes create damage or fire when it strikes an object on the ground, making it extremely hazardous and terrifying. This wonderful phenomena occasionally comes in a dream, and it is really unpleasant. If you had a similar dream last night, you’re probably wondering if it’s a good or negative omen.

Dreaming about lightning and thunder is often interpreted as a symbol of sudden discovery and intuition. It’s as if a bright light has been shone upon us, allowing us to see and understand the situation more clearly in a certain circumstance. You may fall in love, your problems will be solved unexpectedly, and you will face someone or a situation that will change your current situation for the better. But this dream is not always a good omen.

The dream of lightning sometimes indicates that you will soon be involved in an argument or quarrel with someone. Or perhaps there is some horrible news on the way that will affect your emotions. This dream can also indicate a financial problem or illness that will upset you in the days ahead.

How do you know if your dream interpretation is positive or negative? It can be interpreted according to the various details and scenes that appear in your dream. This article will explain the meanings of lightning-related dreams in various scenarios. We hope you find the precise meaning of your dream.