Spiritual sense

Thread is a vivid image in dreams and in spiritual work. We have the
thread of life spun for us by the Fates who determine the life and death of all
mortal beings; Klotho spins the thread; her sister Lachesis determines the
length of it and Atropos cuts the thread when the proper time has come for
death. The various threads of our spirituality are being interwoven into the
Tapestry of Life.

Psychological / emotional perspective

To be aware of thread is to be aware of the way our lives are going.
A tangled thread suggests a difficulty that needs unravelling. A spool of
thread suggests an ordered existence; the colour of the thread is also
important. The image of tapestry or weaving suggests a degree of
competence and creativity. The relevance of the ‘picture’ we produce may well
represent emotional concerns.

Common meanings

Thread in dreams represents a line of thought or enquiry and, in today’s
way of communicating, a blog. In terms of our ordinary everyday lives we
perhaps need to remain focused on our goals. Threading a needle has an
obvious sexual reference. It can also, because of the perceived difficulty in
threading a needle, suggest incompetence in ways other than sexual, such as
hitting work targets.

Gender-specific meanings

In a woman’s dream a basket full of spools suggests the various aspects of
her personality. This is because of its association with the Archetypal
feminine. For a man, such an image may represent his attitude to the
complexity of the feminine.

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