Don’t have time? Listen to key meanings of flood dream.

Water dreams are prevalent, especially among people who have emotional problems and are aware of their problems. These dreams occur in various types, one of which is flood water, and have various meanings, both positive and negative. What is the flood dream meaning? How do you feel after seeing this dream? Do you think the interpretation is positive?

Generally speaking, dreams about flood are usually a good sign that indicates an internal transition and the beginning of a new phase of life. However, take into account that flooding dreams could have negative meanings depending on the dreamer’s mood and life circumstances. Surely now you are more curious to know the meaning of this dream. So keep reading this article where interesting interpretations are waiting for you.

Is it good to see water in a dream?

This is a question that may be on your mind, and by knowing the answer, you hope to resolve any ambiguities. Some people believe that water dreams have positive meanings based on their experiences, while others have opposite beliefs.

But let’s see what psychologists and dream interpreters think about this? They all believe that dreams of water reflect your unconscious thoughts and emotions, as well as your current feelings. And your dreams about water, such as a flood, represent your current emotional state, which may or may not be positive.

What does a flood symbolize?

Rising water in a dream indicates feelings that are out of control or crisis that may occur in your future life. When you see water flooding in your dreams, you can wake up feeling anxious and stressed. This is normal because dreams about flood represent a crisis in some aspect of your life that you are trying to get rid of or hide for a while.

The flood in your dream can have different explanations based on the dream’s details, but most of them aren’t a good sign. The dream about a flood represents some of your repressed emotions, such as sexual feelings, expressing interest in someone, or you may be someone who has suppressed the feelings of others.

The dreams about flood might also indicate your desire to “washing away” the past to have a new beginning. This dream has good meaning because you want to make changes in your life for a brighter future. Furthermore, a  dream of flooding clear, blue, and white water is a good sign because this dream means the end of a difficult situation that has been bothering you for a long time.

Interpretation of the flooding dream in different books

According to Ibn Sirin, If you dreamed about a flood, it symbolizes a powerful enemy you may face in your waking life. If you are suffocating in flood, you will lose your war with your enemy; but, if you escape and survive, you will defeat your enemies.

Annie Beaton says that dreaming about a flood is not a good sign, and you will face disasters in your emotional and professional life.

According to Carl Jung, seeing a flood in your dream symbolizes an unexpected crisis in the near future. You’re going through a lot of emotional turmoil. He also believes that the interpretation of seeing a gentle flood is to worry about a specific issue that will be resolved soon.

According to Jaber Almaghrebi, dream interpretation of flood is a good sign. If a person had a dream of a flood that washed away everything, the government would help all people in the country.

Imam Sadiq believed that the dream about flood had four interpretations, the first: a great enemy. Second: the tyrant king. Third: The dominant army. Fourth: strife and disaster. These four factors can be interpreted differently based on the details of the dream.

Interpretation of various flood-related dreams

Why do dreams about floods have different explanations? Because when you have other flood-related dreams, it is based on the emotions you are feeling right now, and you seek a new beginning in your life. Maybe in your dream, you see a flooded land, a flooded city, a flooded car, flooded streets and houses. Do all dreams about flood have negative signs? To answer these questions, let’s learn the interpretation of different flood dreams.

 Dream about water flooding your house

 The dream of house that is flooded is not a good sign. In a dream, the house represents your whole being, and the rooms represent family members, memories, and emotions that are important in your waking life. If you had a dream of your house flooding, this dream means you will have a serious problem with a family member soon.

A flooded house also indicates that you are emotionally overwhelmed in some aspects of life and that it is time to concentrate on your career and family. In other words, if a flood destroys your entire house, this dream means that you will be in emotional turmoil, but also if you see different parts of the house such as the bedroom, living room submerged in water, you will have trouble with your family members. It is also preferable to remain calm and control your emotions to avoid worsening the situation in the house.

Dreaming of a flood carrying you

Based on people’s experience, people who dreamed of a flood carrying them suffered from a medical condition and illness after a while. So if you have the same dream, try to take care of your health. Dreaming of a flood carrying you is also a sign of failure in your projects and career. In your waking life, try to focus more on your work and life to have a successful profession.

Dreaming of a flooded city

All dreams about the flooded city, land, and town are related to our emotions. Their interpretation is that you will experience despair and misery in the near future. You may experience problems at home with family members and work with friends, co-workers, and even bosses. In fact, all of these issues can have an emotional impact on you, so be ready for a rough time ahead.

On the other hand, some interpreters analysis the dream of a flooded land differently. They claim that dreaming of a flooded land means you’ve been through a tough time in your life and now need peace and rest.  They also say that if you dreamed that the river was drowning your farmland, it means you are safe from the government’s wrath. The dream of river water can be a good sign for the dreamer.

Dreaming of a flooded car

Psychologists such as Sigmund Freud claimed that the car in a dream reflects one’s life path. Now, if you dreamed of a flooded car, it means that you will lose control in keeping on the right path in life. Seeing flood water that destroys or carries everything, especially motor vehicles, indicates that you have lost control of current issues.

However, depending on where you were in your dream when you dreamed of a flooded car, the meaning of your dream may vary. Suppose you were inside a car and were drowning, for example. In that case, your interpretation could be different if you only looked at the flooding water carrying a car.

Dream about escaping flood water

If a person has a dream about escaping flood waters, this is a good sign. Do you know why? Because this dream means you are trying to escape from an emotional mess, and at the same time, you want to escape all your disappointments. In addition, such dreams indicate that you will move from one stage of your life to another and improve your life situation.

It is necessary to pay attention to details while interpreting this dream. For instance, if you are trying to escape from the flood water and fail, it is not a good sign. But if you can escape, it means that your troubles and struggles in your waking life have passed. So the dream of running from floods indicates that you feel free in the near future.

Dreaming about a flood water drowning a person

Do you think the meaning of this dream is positive or negative? This dream maybe scary, but it has a positive meaning. The dream of a flood drowning you indicates that your financial and work situation will improve significantly in the near future. So as you can see, not all flood dreams indicate disasters, such as this dream, which is full of hope and happiness.

Dreaming about Flooded Streets

If you dream of flooding the streets, it is a positive omen. According to interpreters, dreams of flooded streets indicate a successful future. In other words, these dreams indicate your desire to move forward in the right direction to have a brighter future. You try to control your emotions and connect to all possibilities to pave the way to success. After having this dream, you maybe meet someone in the near future who will forward you into your career or personal life. I wish you had such a dream.

Dream of flooding with heavy rain

Dreaming about a flood with rain and wind indicates your financial situation and warns you to save money for the future. But Christian interpreters have a different view of this dream. They believe that seeing a flood in your dream, which is accompanied by heavy rain, is a sign that God is present in your life and wants to look after you. The dream of floods and rain indicates that God wishes to cleanse your life of all evil and contamination, and it foreshadows a bright future for you.

Dreaming about flooded swimming pool

Dream of the flooded swimming pool is also a good sign and indicates your desire to relax and enjoy your life. If you see that the water flowing from the pool is clear, it means that you need to get a better understanding of your emotions and possibly learn how to control them in stressful circumstances.

The dream of walking in the flood

If you dream that you are walking in flood without fear and trying to stand in front of the water and step forward, it means that you are attempting to remove the barriers and challenges in your path with all of your strength and power.

 The Dream of being surrounded by floods

When you dream that a flood surrounds you, it means that you live among successful people and your life is satisfying and enjoyable. Your financial and professional situation is excellent, and you maybe get a job promotion soon. This dream also indicates that you have personal space in your life and can share your emotions with others easily and without fear.

Dreaming about muddy flood water

As mentioned earlier, water in our dreams reflects our emotions and thoughts. Dreaming of muddy flood water is a bad omen. Floods that are murky and muddy indicate that your thoughts and emotions will be polluted in the near future by something or someone. The flood water’s muddy level is also important. If it is very muddy and blurry, negative changes will occur in your life, and you will find yourself in an unprecedented circumstance.

Dreaming about clear and clean flood water

There are different explanations for this dream. If you see a clean and clear flood in your dream, it indicates that there will be obstacles in the way of achieving your goals, so be patient and postpone your plans a bit.

The dream of transparent flood water, on the other hand, reminds your subconscious mind that you will overcome all challenges in the near future and will move forward with confidence on the path to achieving your goals. These explanations are what the dreamer wants to hear and indicate that your mind is always looking for positive things.

Dream of debris leftover from the flood

If you dreamed that water carried away the debris of a flood in the streets, it means that rumors about you would spread soon. Well, this is not good news, and you should be more aware of those around you.

But there are other meanings to this dream. One of these meanings is that if you dreamed of flooding debris, it means that you are ready to face the problems that will come to you in the future. The various interpretations of this dream indicate the importance of paying attention to the details of the dream as well as the dreamer’s psychological condition.

Dream of being a witness of a flood

If you dreamed that you were looking out the window or inside your house at a flood, it means you will lose control of your condition and emotions, and you will experience weakness and despair. So in your life, try to overcome problems with confidence in your inner power.

General meaning for flood in your dream

The meaning of dream about floods is so varied that sometimes users have trouble finding the meaning of their dream. These different meanings indicate the different opinions of dream interpreters, ordinary people and even psychologists. As a result, in addition to explaining the meaning of a flooding dream in detail, we’ve written a list of different meanings for you from the perspective of ordinary people in this section of the post.

What do people’s experiences say?

The dreamed of flooding in the tropical region was a benefit and a joy.

The dream of flooding in a cold region is sadness.

A woman dreamed that the flood destroyed her house, after a while, she experienced a financial loss by a jealous person.

A man had a dream that garbage was flooding into the water, and the explanation for the dream was that he was upset and ashamed about the ugly things he had done.

According to the older people’s experiences, when someone dreamed that the river’s water flooded and ruined the fruit and green garden, there was a possibility that the king would be killed.

If a person dreamed of being trapped in a flood, she will fight with a foe, and if she dreamed of being rescued from a flood, she would defeat her enemy.

Since floods are destructive and miserable in real life, the ancients believed that floods in the dream are a big, tragic occurrence that we cannot cope with.

Dreaming of a flood moving too fast indicates that something is wrong in your real life. Dreaming about a flood coming at you at high speeds indicates your inability to manage life changes.

Dreaming of a flood in the spring is a good omen, indicating that pleasant improvements will occur in your life soon.

Dreaming of a flood of clear water in which a fish swims indicates that something significant will occur in your life, but you will be relieved of your anxiety soon.

Dreaming of a flood destroying a part of the city indicates that you will become ill and lose your job and that when you marry, events will cause confusion and make you sad.

A woman had dreamed that she had escaped from a flood on a mountain road and hid in a house. Her dream meant that the stress and anxiety in her life had overwhelmed her, and she was afraid to confront it.

Someone had a dream about seeing a violent flood in a train, but he was healthy, which meant following the rules and heading in the right direction.


Dreaming of flooding, according to psychologists, has an origin in people’s emotions and psyche. In other words, they agree that anxiety and depression are a flood of your inner fears. When it comes time to release these repressed fears and emotions, you dream about the flood. Since, in general, a flooding dream reflects the release of repressed fears, stresses, concerns, and emotions. You may say, then, why do they define flood dream as misery and sorrow? Since the meaning of this dream psychology differs from those described by dream interpreters for this dream.

Psychologists agree that people who have repressed emotions and depression are more likely to dream of the flood. But traditional dream interpreters say that the dream of a flood means that you will face a problem in your life, and indicate you will try to get rid of this sadness and anxiety. However, keep in mind that this does not always imply a bad dream, and depending on the details of the dream, it may be good news for the good things.

Did you find the meaning of your dream in this article? If yes, that’s great. If not, write to us here so we can explain it to you.

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