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Do you like cold and snowy weather? If you ask me this question, my answer will be no! But there are people like my friend who love cold and snowy weather. However, everybody, whether they like snow or not, will have snow dreams many times in their life. And, without a doubt, those who have dreams about snow are curious about the interpretation of their dreams.

Do you know what dreams of snow mean? Understanding the snow dream meaning will change your emotions and outlook on life. Do not worry; snow in a dream is a good omen; however, if you want to learn more about the details of dream interpretation of snow, stay with us until the end of this article.

Is snow a sign of good luck?

If we want to answer this question generally, we should answer yes. Do you know why? Because snow represents purity, cleanliness, clarity, and positive changes in waking life. Snow is formed from frozen water, and dreaming water represents our subconscious mind and inner feelings.

So seeing snow in a dream might indicate that you have been suppressing some of your emotions for some time and are now ready to get them out. In general, the snow dream meaning tells of your clean, logical, and cool personality that will experience a new beginning in your real life.

Biblical snow dream meaning

Snow dreaming has different meanings in the Bible depending on the dream you’re having. In the Bible, snow means the beginning of learning because it is believed that snowfall begins with a gentle drop of a small snowflake. The Bible also explains your gentleness with how slowly and carefully these snowflakes drop.

From a Christian perspective, since snow is a solid form of water, the dream about snow falling indicates that positive changes will take place in your life in the near future and will move forward with coherence.

The meaning of snow falling in Islam

Snow dream meanings are also interesting and controversial in Islam.

Ibn Sirin has given different interpretations for the dream of snow; For example:

  • Falling snow is a sign of bad luck and sadness, as long as the snow fall is not too little and does not melt quickly.
  • If you have a dream of snow during the warm season, such dream is a warning that the people of that city will be in trouble and face famine. On the other hand, dreams about snow, if seen in a cold region and winter, represent blessings for the people of that city.

Interpretation of snow in a dream according to Ja’far al-Sadiq: The interpretation of snow in a dream has six aspects in walking life:

  • Sustenance;
  • A fresh start;
  • Wealth;
  • Enemy;
  • Disease;
  • Temporary difficulties.

The deep meaning of dream about snow can be summed up in one of the above examples, depending on the dreamer’s emotional and psychological condition. To learn more about this dream, let’s review the rest of the article.

The psychological meaning of the snow dream

All psychologists believe that snow in a dream is a symbol of love, since according to the dream context, a person may be spiritually ready to experience love. In another way, they claim that the dream of snow reflects a cold character who has decided to express his/her feelings freely. In addition, the snow dream means purity and charm. Let’s look at the interpretation of a snow dream through the eyes of renowned psychologist Carl Jung;

If the snow melts, it means you’ve reached spiritual enlightenment and inner detachment. You want to let go of repressed feelings to conquer irrational fears and obstacles.

To dream of finding something in the snow represents the discovery of secret intentions and great ambition inside you.

Snowflakes in your dream reflect purity and beauty. It expresses your uniqueness as well as your unity.

Interpretation of common dreams about snow

The interpretation of snow in your dream can differ depending on the details and background of the dream. Psychological and emotional states, as well as the dreamer’s current living circumstances, all have a significant effect on seeing various types of snow dreams. Let’s review the interpretation of some of these dreams.

Dream meaning of melting snow

Seeing melting snow in a dream predicts that all of your troubles and dark area will be replaced by good news, hope, and happiness soon. Snow melting in a dream reflects a new beginning and a transition to your comfort zone in life.

Dream interpretation of walking in the snow

If you see you walking in pure white snow, this dream symbolizes deep and unconditional love and affection for your children and partner. If you see yourself walking in the snow and a disgusting snowman chasing you, it means that you will have a cold relationship with others for a while.

Dream meaning of dirty snow

To see dirty snow in your dream predicts that someone will underestimate your character and pride in real life. In addition, such dream means stress, inner fears, and emotional confusion in waking life.

Dream meaning of pure white snow

If you dream of clean snow, this dream means strength, endurance, financial stability, rigidity, and passivity.

Dreaming about snow on the ground

To dream of a snow-covered ground is a symbol of unrewarded efforts. That dream predicts that if you work hard on a project, your efforts will most likely go unrewarded.

Dreams about eating snow

Snow eating in a dream is a sign of innocence and intellectualism. Eating white snow in a dream indicates that you are healthy and able to deal with any challenge. It also symbolizes open-mindedness that respects people’s ideas, beliefs, emotions and ideologies.

Dreams about snowstorm

To dream about a snowstorm is not a good sign and is accompanied by depression and sadness. A snowstorm in your dream is a sign of an unrecognized dark area in your life. Furthermore, according to psychoanalytic dream book treats, a snowstorm in your dream represents a difficult stage in your life that has ruined your emotions. But do not worry and pay attention to your inner strength. After passing this stage, you will have many successes.

Dreams about heavy snowfall

To dream of heavy snow means an economic problem in your real life. These dreams are warning you that you will soon face a significant financial crisis, but this disaster will not last forever, and you will be able to have a  fresh start.

Dreams about snowy roads

The dream symbol of the snowy road is success on the life path. Dreams about a snowy road indicate that you are aware of the people and problems around you, which you can overcome with strength and success in life.

Dreams about snowy landscape

Dream symbols of the snowy land are happiness and wealth. If you dream that the sun is shining in a snowy land, the interpretation is that misery and darkness will soon end, and happy days will begin.

Dreams about Snowy mountain

If you dream of a snow-capped mountain peak, it is a sign of your passion for achieving your lofty goals. However, if the peak is not covered in snow, it indicates that you will be unable to achieve your objectives. Even then, do not give up.

Dreams about the snow sports

Snow sports show that you will be in a dilemma about helping others in life and cannot decide what to do to help them. If you dream that you are on a snowboard, this dream indicates positive changes in life.

Dreams about a snowball fight

Snow means loneliness if used as a weapon in dreams. Dreams about snowball fight are not a good sign and often point to a financial problem in life that you think there is no one to support you in this regard. However, another interpreter believes that playing with snowballs indicates that you will spend time with good friends and in a positive atmosphere.

Dreams of falling snow from the sky

The falling snow dream symbols are progress, happiness, and calm. If you dreamed that you are looking at the sky and the snow is slowly falling to the earth, it indicates that you will extend your goals in life and choose the best way to achieve them.

Dreams about snow avalanche

Seeing snow avalanche dream has different meanings. According to dream interpreters, if you see an avalanche of snow falling from above, it means that you will soon hear some happy news.

On the other hand, some people believe that avalanche dreams foretell the arrival of challenging times in life.

Dreams of shoveling snow

Shoveling snow in a dream is a good sign. If you dream of shoveling snow in your backyard in the winter, it means you will be free of loneliness and sorrow in your life.

Dreams of the walk barefoot on snow

If you dream that you are walking barefoot in the snow in the winter, this dream warns you to be more frugal with your money. Maybe you’re at a stage in life where you’re overspending, and this dream is a warning to save so you don’t get into financial trouble.

Seeing of snowflakes

The dream of snowflakes shows your strength and confidence in solving all problems and obstacles to your success. To see a snowflake in a dream shows that you are aware that you are a unique being.

Looking at the snow fall from behind the window

If you see snowfall from behind the window and ice and cold are everywhere, it indicates a fresh start. It expresses spiritual peace and tranquility.

Also, suppose you see yourself sitting at home, looking out the window at the snow and ice. In that case, it represents your icy emotions toward your lover. And that you are unwilling to make any changes to improve your emotional relationship.

The dream of playing in the snow

To dream that you are playing in the snow foretells that you should take the time to be happy and calm. You’ve been through a lot of difficulties and challenges, and now you’re looking for happiness and love.

Another meaning of this dream is that you must seize the opportunities presented to you; otherwise, they will be lost.

The dream of driving in the snow

If you have a dream of driving in the snow, it means you need to be more cautious about how you approach your objectives. And the approach you choose might not be the best one for you and may have irreversible consequences.

On the other hand, according to People’s dream book, driving in the snow shows that the path to your goals has been paved, and you are moving towards it with enthusiasm.

Gender-specific snow dream meaning in waking life

Did you know that the interpretation of a dream about snow may be different for men and women? Interestingly, Psychoanalytic Dreambook treats the dream of snow as a sexual attraction. Snow falling in a woman’s dreams signify a deep desire to have children and sexual relations. But if a man sees snowfall in dreams, it means that he does not spend sexual potential. In other words, he suppresses his sexual sense.

And the Last Word

According to psychologists, dreams have a deep connection with your thoughts and emotions in waking life. In addition, the weather in your dream is a metaphor for your emotional and mental condition. Winter, cold weather and snow are some of the most famous dreams that you would certainly have. But why do you have these dreams, and what is the interpretation of the snow dream? Psychologically you have such dreams because:

  • You have goals in life that you are unsure about, and you take cautious steps to achieve them.
  • You have unresolved inner-self issues and repressed emotions that have never been addressed.
  • You must be spiritually and physically renewed in order to make meaningful changes in your life.

You may be wondering whether dreams of snow are a good omen or not. Is it a harbinger to renewing your moods and emotions? You may have several dreams regarding snow, each with a different dream context.

As a result, we can conclude that seeing snow in your dream can be both a positive and a bad sign. Psychologists and dream interpreters agree that dream interpretations differ based on the details of the dream.

Do you remember the details of your dream? If you remember and want to know the correct explanation of your dream, this article is the best resource to fulfill your curiosity.